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The Chain of Volcanoes is like a vast exhibition showing the various types of volcanic activity : a walk along the peaks will reveal scenery unlike anything else, marvellous and different.
Natural sites : Sommet du Puy de Dôme - Lac Servière - Lac du Guéry -Les Roches Tuilière et Sanadoire - Thermal towns..
Different places to explore : Vulcania - Puy de Lemptegy - Les Mystères de Farges - Les Fontaines Pétrifiantes de St Nectaire.
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This area reveals its true nature in a number of sporting and leisure activities. There's something for everybody big and small, accomplished sports people, fans of thrills or of more gentle pursuits. This is also the perfect country for outings on foot, horseback, mountain bike or hot-air balloons ....
sports nature
A few kilometers from Aydat, those who love old buildings, Romanesque Art and history will find sights to fest their eyes. Superb examples of medieval military architecture are preserved in the fortified castles, while Romanesque Art is to be found not only in the sumptuous abbeys but also in tiny churches.
cordes -  orcival
Castles and historical sites : Château de Cordès - Château de Murol - Château de la Batisse - Château de Saint Saturnin.
Romanesque Art : Basilique Notre-Dame d'Orcival - Eglise de Saint Nectaire - Eglise de Saint Saturnin ..…
lac d' Aydat
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